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Cheryl L. Courtney, M.A. is a freelance writer with extensive training in behavioral health and wellness, especially in the areas of life adjustment and aging issues. As a licensed professional counselor and certified addiction specialist in Cheryl L. Courtney, M.A.WY, she worked as a clinician, grant writer, researcher and public speaker promoting health, wellness and safety.

Her writing has won several awards, including the Denver Press Women's Unknown Writer 2007 contest for her essay and a Students Choice Award for her magical realism story  in The Progenitor at Arapaho Community College. She continues to submit to many contests and one "fun" goal is to have a story picked up as a graphic novel.

For the last five years she has worked as a field professional conducting natural resource surveys, wetland delineations, and archival research while producing environmental site assessment reports.

Additionally, she manages a large boarding farm while she maintains a home with her family, one cat, two dogs, and many horses in Loveland, CO. She writes about her adventures on the farm as the Ditch Witch.

Avid outdoorsy folks, she and her family patrol the U.S. National Forests as hikers and stock patrollers advocating Leave No Trace conservation and ecology concepts, plus they enjoy cross country skiing in the Rockies.

She enjoys writing fiction, especially fantasy and magical realism, personal essays and all kinds of nonfiction with the support of the amazing Weekly Writers Workshop. Visit her web page at their website and blog at UnderTheCuckooClock.com. 

Check out Cheryl's LinkedIn profile.

Examples of her writing:

Fighting The Flu:Fact vs. Fiction 
(Journal of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Dec. 2009)

Catch the SHIPs: Health Insurance Counseling
(Journal of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, Dec. 2009)

LaidOffCamp unites, empowers diverse 'herd' (Reporter-Herald Oct. 24, 2009)

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