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Helen is a freelance writer. She also operates AssistWrite, a home-based writing service for  independent publishers. Contact her at assistwrite@comcast.net.

Her published works include:

1. Educational materials - Geography Workbooks: Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, a History Workbook: Know the Presidents and 2 Teacher Curriculm Guides: U.S.A and St. Patrick's Day.

2. Articles and stories for adults and children have been published in a variety of magazines including Highlights for Children, Art Revue and many parenting publications across the country.

3. Anthologies:                                                                                                

Chicken Soup for the Soul Books (14):Women's Golfers, Girlfriends, Love Stories, Sisters, Living Catholic Faith, Caregiver, Grieving, Grandparents, Expectant Mothers, Beach Lovers, Grandma,101 Best Stories - Moms, Christian Kids, Woman to Woman.

Health Communications (2): The Ultimate Mom and The Ultimate Christmas. 

Adams Media: Christmas Through a Child's Eyes.

Stories from Where We Live - The Great North American Prairie: "A Poppin' Tale" (Nebraska)

Helen has been a member of SCBWI and held the editor's position for Kite Tales - the Rocky Mountain Region Newsletter. Today she is a member of three writers critique groups: Under the Cuckoo Clock, Wednesday Night Writer's Group and The Farr Writers (facilitator).

She is a former teacher, program director for the Girls Division of Salvation Army Boys/Girls Club (NJ), restaurant, pub, mini casino owner/operator (NJ, CO, NV) and other family owned businesses.

First and formost, her family is the most important part of her life. She also loves spending time with friends, writing colleagues, a good book and going to the mountains to enjoy the scenery and do a little gambling in Black Hawk.

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