This story ... propells me to do my best!

Tonight I could not sleep.† So I thought I would just read a chapter or two.† I ended up finishing the book!† I read through to the last page, including all the authors' acknowledgements.† Well, as a writer myself, I always read those anyway.† But† these "thank you's" fairly shout with genuine gratitude. I'm so excited, I had to tell somebody!† So here I am.

If you are discouraged with the economy, read this book.

If you are wondering if you are on the right path, read this book.

If you are discouraged about anything, read this book.

These 273 pages sent my heart and resolve soaring!† The dialog sings with authenticity, and this story grabs you as it did me, William Kamkwamba's words will make you look around - at every one and every thing - and see with new eyes.

Go to William's blog and see the 5 minute video of him speaking at the 2009 TED Good Ideas Worth Spreading conference.† When I saw this short video, I Facebooked it, then immediately requested our local library get a copy of the book.† Today on William's blog I see Tweets saying The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer has been chosen as one of Amazon's Top 10 Best Books of the Year and Publishers Weekly's best book of the year.† Moving Windmills is a documentary of this young man's jaw-dropping feat.

Every once in a while I am touched deeply by a book.† I find myself thinking about it even when I am otherwise engaged.† This is one of those books.† The kind of book I am grateful was written, the kind of book I recommend to everyone I meet for several months.† The kind that I will read every few years just to re-live the amazing journey again.

From William I learned:† If you want to make it, all† you have to do is try.


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