I Breathe You

From the Ditch Witch Chronicles --

April is finally here. The long winter is over and I can see green, everywhere.

†I manage a 110 acre agricultural farm in Larimer Countyómy job is to irrigate the pasture (thus the moniker ìThe Ditch Witchî) and provide forage for the free ranging 20+ horse herd living there.

Most of the horses are older, retired show friendsómany are lame or exhibit the typical neurological or health problems inherit in aging.

These old ones are my favorites. No matter where I am working they amble over for a visit. One by one, they come in close and touch me with their noses and then they stand quietly next to meÖlike in the movie ëAvatarí, they ëseeí me, but in old horse speak they are saying ìI breathe you.î

It means they trust and recognize me, I am accepted. What a gift! Every time it happens, I hope I smell trustworthy and dependable, solid and memorable.

Too often, I am filled with self doubt; I do not feel confident or very solid. Some days, I see me as unremarkableómy hair is grey and my left shoulder doesnít work so well right now. The horses simply remind me that they know me and accept me as part of their herd. I value that trust and am always grateful to belong near them.

It sounds so simple. Take the time to really notice others you encounter, check out their demeanor. See if you can notice their life force and honor each of them by speaking clearly, softly saying ìI breathe you. I care that you are here.î This is a good practice.

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4 Responses to “I Breathe You”

  1. Yes! This is what I experience every week "Under the Cuckoo Clock" when you writers are all sitting around my table.

    I am grateful for the trust we have in one another and the synergy we create with that trust. It does take consciousness to honor each of you; I get so busy I don't always do that. But what better time than this? As new life abundantly springs forth, when the New Life of Easter is on our hearts, I say to each of the Word Wenches: I care that you are here!

    Hope you each know I do honor your presence in my writing life.

  2. Shelley Widhalm says:

    I thought this was beautiful. It gave me a sense of peace just reading it.

  3. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Beautiful and worthy of your talent.
    Keep them coming.

  4. Kim says:

    To be recognized by an animal is such a way is remarkable.. It is true, it is real, and it is a gift.

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