Jam and Jive

Prepare lunch you say

Diet you will

First and utmost you must eat and eat you must

Slather your bread, with a rich fattening, vitamin fortified cream cheese layered on,†one inch thick

Not just any whole wheat bread, but the healthful kind, full bodied, with extra fiber to keep your body running smooth

After which you apply a rich thick grape jam, followed by a spoon full of pure virgin white sugar, carefully sprinkled on top.

And just to be on the safe side, and to make sure your sandwich slides all the way down your gullet, pour yourself a glass of homogenized whole milk, with a dash of half and half to give it that extra bite

Now put your feast onto a favorite plate, cut it into two equal parts, then place them next to your cool glass of milk and you are ready to Jam and Jive

2 Responses to “Jam and Jive”

  1. cheryl courtney says:

    YUK. Makes me reach for an apple. But, I do like the title--and I can see where you had fun dreaming about eating in the good old days. (My grandmother Wascom, Dee, ate three fried eggs every morning for breakfast, and drank a pitcher of raw milk from her cow every day...she died at 103.)

  2. Helen Colella says:

    Can't imagine eating something like this...what were you thinking?

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