Great Migrations

Check this out! Whenever I think I can't get through hard times, or things don't make sense around me, I remember these amazing animals. And they do these incredible journeys, full of drama and purpose,† every day of every year. Life does makes sense -- at some cosmic level, there is amazing purpose and design and always, incredible adventures.

It is all right here for us to remember and believe.

Tune in Sunday night, but you can check out the preview here.

2 Responses to “Great Migrations”

  1. Helen Colella says:

    I agree, Cheryl. We too are here for a purpose. No need to know what it is...just know that
    it's indeed an incredible journey and we should appreciate and enjoy along the way.

  2. This is a great series - I picked up this issue of National G for another reason - the Aztecs - but was glad to have the Migrations bonus. There is a very cool map, too. I'll share it with you!

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