Ignition! Blast off!

I love writers' critique groups. Love the synergy, love the connections with others who love the craft of writing the way I do.

I also enjoy getting newsletters from writing coaches, writers markets and publishing companies. Got one this week - an extremely well-written  first person account by Beth Erickson of Filbert Publishing. Knocked my socks off!

She writes.
She was just diagnosed with cancer.
She has a promising prognosis.

Her words reignited my determination to write more. And often. To somehow juggle whatever I must to spill those words out. I've stored them up for so long, there is a torrent barely held back, sloshing, raging, ready to break free.

I love it when writers write!

Read Beth's blog post. See if you aren't reignited, too.

3 Responses to “Ignition! Blast off!”

  1. Wow! This offers an excellent example of one of the unexpected turns in life. And it has an optimistic outcome.

  2. Indeed, Beth even took the time to reply to my e-mail to her. Very cool lady!

  3. I agree about writing groups!

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