Framed by Fay Ulanoff

Sitting in a local health food restaurant I noticed some art work hanging on the wall behind my mate, who turned around to look at it.

ìHow much is it?î† I asked.

He twisted his head around to answer me and read off the price, which was $270.

ìWow thatís high for a photograph,î I answered in between bites of my delectable sandwich.

He tells me that price is for the original, but an unframed print is only $100.

I tell him with the digital age upon us, everyone and anyone is a photographer, and there arenít any negatives, which makes them all prints.

He agrees with me, and remarked that perhaps if it were signed it would be worth it.

ìWell maybe itís under the matting. Look over there,î I pointed.

ìWhat are you looking at?î

ìThere, above those two men eating at the table across from us.î

ìYeah so.† Exactly what do you see?î

I pointed once again to a white frame and told him that picture is only $6.00 framed.

Reading back to me he said, ìNo it is $6.99 for an 8 piece chicken dinner.

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  1. Cheryl Courtney says:

    funny! so many times, art is simply what one says is art. Subjective and entirely magical in that from nothing comes something. Or simply an 8 piece chicken dinner.

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