Tasty Treat

Summer heat has sent me in search of a cool, refreshing, low calorie dessert.

To my surprise I recently rediscovered an old favorite that seemed to disappear. Right here in townóTCBYóThe Countryís Best Yogurt.

Iíve been taking the three minute drive at least twice a week these days.

And believe me itís oh, oh, oh sooo yummy.

This soft serve yogurt is creamy, delicious and good for you too.

Itís loaded with probiotics; the live active cultures that enhance your immune system and help regulate digestion.

They even have sugar free for those on special diets or with diabetes.

Now take a minuteÖThink yogurt at its best:

White Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate sprinkles.

A swirl of Vanilla & Chocolate in a nut-dipped waffle cone.

Canít you taste the goodness?

What's your favorite?

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3 Responses to “Tasty Treat”

  1. Shelley Widhalm says:

    My favorite is good old vanilla. I can just taste the frozen yogurt as your describe it. Now, you've made me desire yogurt, ice cream, anything good like that, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow when it's not so late in the day.

  2. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Wow that sounds great.
    I'll have to try it once again

  3. I like to try the fruity flavors swirled with vanilla, but often just go for straight chocolate, which is a Food Group unto itself!

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