Tolerance and Gratitude

I admit it. I am overwhelmed by the information explosion surrounding me. I can't keep up. Fast paced rapid fire info confuses me, especially if it comes thru gadgets smaller than my hand that fill my head with details.

My disability has become apparent with situations with friends, like horseback riding pals. Something as simple as what time to arrive at a trailhead gets tangled up in a series of cellphone calls, and I miss important details.

For example, two times this week I showed up at what I thought was the correct time only to find them waiting for twenty minutes, horses already saddled--the morning air filled with tension and hostility of unmet expectations all around. Not pleasant for anyone. Now, I too dislike waiting, especially when I have hurried to get there on time. But I was there; I thought I was on schedule; I did what I agreed to. For these particular friends, I had not done enough.

The lesson of the week--give yourself a break. You tried to show up for life and inane details got in the way. Some of my friends and family are more into high expectations than I am. And they get snippy about it. My style is more along the lines of gratitude that another human decided to spend time with me on a horse outdoors. Horses don't know about time, or being late or early.  They just are. Horses also forgive easily, naturally, and I can do that, also. Why is it always the people I have the most problems with?

To my horse pals, I say "Seriously girls-- Tolerance and forgiveness make a nicer morning ride."




3 Responses to “Tolerance and Gratitude”

  1. helen says:

    Sorry for the unpleasantness you had to endure = frustration happens.

    Agree with you, Cheryl: tolerance, forgiveness = life happens.

    Would like to add: patience, understanding and appreciation = friendship happens.

    Your equestrian friends always await you all the time = ride, Cheryl, ride.

  2. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Life lessons come from within and horses dogs etc definitly have a leg up on us.

  3. Expectations complicate life! And as for time ... worrying about it gives me a stomach ache. You're doing fine just the way you are!

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