††††††††††† This year Motherís day was wonderful and continues to be my favorite day of the year.† My son who lives in Alaska chatted with me on the phone for an hour and informed me that he and his girlfriend bought a microwave oven on Craigís list in order to make homemade soy candles as a Motherís Day gift.†

††††††††††† My 29 year old daughter spent the day with me and during the morning we were out and about and ran into many people I know.† The reoccurring comment was ìYour daughter looks just like you.î† I donít really know how I feel when I hear that comment.† I remember when Suzanna was ten years old hiking up the hill to catch the bus to school.† My neighbor who watched her said, ìYour young daughter looks just like you, in fact, she even walks like you!î† At the time, I remember thinking, ìPoor Suzanna.î In my heart, I was hoping for more for her.†

††††††††††† Yesterday, I phoned my mother who lives in a nursing home in New Mexico.† When my daughter talked with her, I overheard the following ñ ìMom and I went to the nursery this morning and looked at plants and it was so much fun.† When I was a little girl, my Mom made me help her in the garden and I hated it. Now, I love gardening, it is so meditative!î

††††††††††† Unlike the comment that we look alike, which is the luck of genetic draw, I knew exactly how I felt about her turning out just like me in the gardening area.† I was very pleased.† I had exposed her to the beauty of digging in the earth and it had imprinted on her.† In this regard, my daughter is just like me and it is all I hoped for.

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  1. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Just as it should be.

  2. Helen Colella says:

    ...and the "seed" of life goes on...
    how fortunate you are to be part of the growing season.

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