Holiday Feasts

Confession time. Last month I missed my turn on the blog. I was supposed to post the Monday before Thanksgiving, but I guess I was having a little too much fun with my son being home from college to remember things like blogs.

Youíd have thought Flash could have stepped in and helped me out, but heís still off in a snit somewhere because Iím writing about a boy named Zach instead of him right now.

Anyway, I was not baking pies and basting turkeys. I was packing my long underwear, hiking boots and polypropylene socks; preparing to drive eight hours to Moab, Utah. For four or five days every year we celebrate Thanksgiving by hiking in Arches National Park and the surrounding area.

We climb to the top of slickrock buttes that look impossible to scale, wade through freezing water in slot canyons, and argue over which wash will take us where we want to go. We stay in dumpy motels and eat our Thanksgiving dinner at Dennyís.

Thatís because we donít need a traditional Thanksgiving feast to make our holiday complete. We feast on togetherness, Godís amazing creation, and adventure. Many people think weíre a little crazy, but we wouldnít trade our annual Moab trips for all the turkey and dressing in the world.

Now itís the Monday before Christmas and Iím packing again. The last two years we left for a vacation on Christmas Day and skipped Christmas dinner, too. This year is a little more traditional. Weíre going to spend three days with extended family. I think weíre eating ham.

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6 Responses to “Holiday Feasts”

  1. cheryl Courtney says:

    Happy holidays happen because of togetherness gatherings. Enjoy!

  2. Phyllis Kennemer says:

    Traditions are our own choices. You and your family have chosen traditions that are meaningful to all of you. Great! That's what the holidays should be about. Celebrating in our own ways.

  3. Have a ball, Cindy! I know what it feels like to miss a blog post, as you well know! Ah well, there is always the next go-round!

  4. Fay Ulanoff says:

    Good for you

  5. Helen Colella says:

    Holiday plans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors.
    I say, "Enjoy your celebration time with your family and/or friends in ways that are filled with love, create the most fun and generate the best memories.
    Sounds like you carry the spirit of the season with you wherever you are and that's all that matters.
    May your holidays be HAPPY and MERRY!

  6. Shelley Widhalm says:

    I like the witty, fun style of your writing. I love how you bring in Flash. He's too cute!

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