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Creating Childhood Memories

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

My three grandkids (ages 11, 12, & 13) are staying with me for ten days while their mom is out of town. I live in an apartment with units both below and above me, so keeping noise to a minimum is essential.

We have been playing lots of games. After a while, we began to expand of some of their favorites. When drawing the features on the Cootie, we started adding personalities. Through the addition of clothing, hair, and other accessories we created such appealing characters as Callie Cootie, Curt Cootie, Junior Cootie, Clowny Cootie, and Mousey Cootie. We have a happy Cootie Family for the kids to share with their mom when she returns.

My granddaughter loves to play Casino with me. This is a good game for two people as you only deal out four cards at a time, so you cannot figure out what the other person has. It is also a good game for developing math and observation skills. Kayleen wins at least half of the time.

At one point in time the kids were all in different rooms – the quietest of times. Karl was watching TV, Richie was playing a game on the computer, and Kayleen was pouting on the couch in the living room (due to not being on the computer). I picked up the deck of cards and dealt out old fashioned Solitare. I had barely gotten started with the game when Kayleen came over. She was fascinated. She didn’t know you could play the game with real cards. She thought it was just a computer game! We played several games together and then she was occupied playing on her own for another 30 to 40 minutes.

Other games that we all like to play together include Bingo, Skip-Bo, and Yahtzee. I sometimes put out small prizes for the winners to choose, such as wrapped candies, colorful pencils, and other trinkets.

We have also gone to movies: Kung Fu Panda 2 and Star Wars 5. I have taken them swimming in the apartment pool and at the Chilson Recreation Center, and we have gone shopping (their favorite activity) several times.

All in all, I think my major goal is being accomplished. I want them to have happy childhood memories.