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Times Changing For Grandma

Friday, September 9th, 2011

The eVite arrived over a month ago. It read:  Patricia and Andy's baby girl is on the way, so let's help them prepare for the big day! IT'S A COUPLES SHOWER honoring Patricia, Andy and soon-to-be Charlotte!

I immediately responded, “YES, of course!”

Two weeks later, because I forgot to write it on my calendar, I checked the email again…Oh dear, I thought as I carefully re-read the invitation…I can’t go. It’s a COUPLES SHOWER and this grandmother is not part of a couple. So, I reposted my regrets.

I guess that sent everybody into a frenzy because, the cell phone hummed away, people wanted to know what was wrong, why I wouldn’t be there or if I needed a ride.

I explained my change of heart about attending. “It’s a “couples” event. And since I’m not part of a couple anymore and those who will be there would probably be married friends or dating friends of Patricia and Andy I shouldn’t go. I’d be out of place. I may be older, sometimes forgetful, but I’m not stupid. After all who wants grandma to be part of that party scene?” I proceeded to explain that back in my day…baby showers were usually for female family members and friends…the men were not included. Then added, “I assumed there would be another one…ladies only and I'd go to that one.”

Not the case at all! As this dilemma came to an end and after being reassured I had misunderstood the e-Vite, life is good!

“Oh, no.” I heard. “The intent of the word ‘couples’ is the contemporary approach to include everyone (spouses and dating partners) to come along to the party and celebrate.” Ahh…now I’m up to speed!  You can still refer to me as  older,  forgetful, but you can't call me old fashion...I'm hip to what's happening these days!

And I will be at the big event this weekend, to enjoy the celebration and help welcome Charlotte into the family.

Times are changing and, “Isn’t it great?”