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From Wild to Wow!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


Eight horses, all mustangs of assorted sizes and colors, march by twos into the center of the arena, split to the rail and circle back around. They trot into a line and form a pivot. On cue, the pairs turn and execute a circling pinwheel formation. The Mustang Riders of Northern Colorado wear traditional cowboy scarves around their necks— fun splashes of reds, blues and pinks. Each American Mustang sports a long white neck brand--to identify the Federal lands they roamed and the year they were gathered. Like the cowboy scarves, the mustang brand evokes a Wild West mystique and says “Wow! I am a mustang.” They recently performed at CSU, Ft Collins, CO for the June 10-12, 2011 EMM, sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

I admire the calm horses and the horsemanship. Even more impressive when I consider that five of the eight mustangs on the team are from the 2010 CO Extreme Mustang Makeover, (EMM). A year ago they were wild.

Each horse is unique. Cindy Loader, our hostess at the Spirit Dancer Ranch arena, describes her chocolate gelding, Calypso, as “totally loco” last year, a real challenge to train for the 2010 EMM. Today, he trots calmly next to Bo, husband Marks’ mount. She laughs and says “Here we are having a good time, showing off our mustangs and what we have done with them -- from wild to wow!”

There is Marvin, the dapper sorrel. He has curious ears and a sweet expressive face. He is ridden by Pat Burge, the founder of the group. A lifelong horsewoman, she wanted to showcase the versatility of the mustangs and to help everyone see how much fun they can be. She says, “I got involved with the Mustang Heritage Foundation in 2007 when I realized that wild horses are gathered on federal lands – taxpayers lands. I wanted to do something to help these animals find homes and jobs.” She adds, “These are great horses to adopt. They make wonderful mounts.”

Taryn Hillman, a therapeutic riding instructor with Loveland’s Hearts and Horses, trained the bay gelding, Coda, for the 2010 EMM and then, also bought him. Today, he is a beautiful citizen, friendly and confident under saddle.

Nevada, owned and ridden by Megan Jones of Loveland, marches obediently. His brand gleams against his black neck. They recently graduated from an intensive mounted patrol clinic. He looks solid and dependable.

More than one spectator exclaims “Wow! Who knew you could teach them this stuff?”

Kudos all around for these Mustang Riders.

Check out this website—for more information and a chance to Ride for the Mustangs, on September 10, 2011, in Ft. Collins, CO sponsored by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA):


Ladybugs and Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Yesterday, as I was feeding hay to the horses, I spotted a ladybug atop a tall stalk of grass. For a moment I contemplated capturing it for my rose garden, thinking of all the juicy aphids there. Instead I watched it grooming and reshaping the lovely orange wings, realigning the black dots just so. This ladybug appeared to be preparing for a long journey. Soon, it launched into the morning and zoomed into a forest of tansy mustard weeds.

Last evening, I attended the†celebration for†Katherine†Hewitts' new†venture, †'Be Magazine',see† Michelle LaBorde's lovely home in Niwot. The backyard was filled with chatter about the articles on amazing women along the Front Range.† As I listened to the music and talked with novelist Janet Fogg, about†the†exciting journey†of her†new release Soliloquy, I thought of the ladybug.

Every woman there was about to launch into the bounty of the world; there are stories and extraordinary women making them happen everywhere. Thank you--Katherine and Michelle for a marvelous evening and 'Good Luck' with your magazine. Thank you for making a venue to showcase the women I have come to respect and love and for letting us write about them.†

As the sun was setting, I spotted a plate of chocolate peanut clusters and savored the crunchy goodness, then†licked my fingers. Yes-- there is abundance all around us; in the music, in the lives of women who†make a simple rich dessert††to share at a party, and in the forest of 'weeds' at the edge of the corral. What fun. I enjoy being in it, all.

Get energized, have fun with Laid Off Camp

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

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