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Flying from A to Z

Friday, January 6th, 2012

On a breezy, rainy Sunday, Tim and I sit underneath the balcony at the Mandolin Café, drinking coffee as we write about what ifs, or what about’s, or some big maybe.

A dog squeals down the street.

“The dog’s singing opera,” Tim says as he writes.

A brown-haired girls plays Pachebel's Canon in D, a smile on her face.

Next to her, a thin woman with sleek gray hair under a beret pens in her journal.

And my dog Zoey sits underneath the table, looking down Fourth Street to where the other dog yips and yaps.

I want to get up and dance, but will words do?

The dog’s squeals start up again, riding on top of the piano notes, echoed by the tap-tap of our keyboards.

The sun slips out and the rain peppering my laptop slides away, as if the clouds are all wrung out.

I imagine Tim’s fingers moving up the body of his Fender Stratocaster as if she were a long-bodied woman. She’s white, cool and slick, this electric beauty that stings the stage with her wide mouthed squeals.

Tim seems to fondle the Fender’s neck as his fingers fly across the scales. The Fender melts with a howl as he swivels the song’s refrain into a furious flinging of movement. A hummingbird flitting around a tulip, this is how his hands look as he turns a song into dancing hands.

It’s his pickup of sound underneath the strings that turns a simple maybe into his dream of Flying V.

For Tim, it’s not a mandolin, a banjo, the piano, it’s this taking of guitar strings like telephone wires that carry sound into whole new meanings.

The Epiphone, the epic of flying from A to Z.

Music & Memories

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

During the past three weeks my life has been filled with a variety of music events. Each one offered a unique sound, different venue and performers who entertained with style and class.

Every performance generated its own hand clappin’; foot stomppin’; body swayin’; up on your feet dancin’ and singin’ along music. They stirred up memories of my younger self, some unforgettable life experiences and jolted me into realizing just how quickly time passes. And because events occurred all within a short span of time, I experienced a moment that gave me pause to think that lead to questions: Was this a sign or omen that my time on earth was nearing an end? Was this a message from God? A coincidence? A joke?

Let me explain…

One night I listened to a concert given by IMAGINE – a Beatles Tribute Band. This group took me on a musical journey with costumes and Liverpool accents that transported me back in time. As happened, I again boarded a Yellow Submarine, walked down Penny Lane and revisited YESTERDAY. What made it special was that everyone was there: Eleanor Rigby, Sargent Pepper, Lucy, Walrus, Nowhere Man and Jude. How quickly the days of my early twenties flashed before my eyes bringing both smiles and tears with the memories.

On another evening I attended a performance of MY WAY: A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO FRANK SINATRA. All I’ll say to this is, “Everybody, at every age, can relate to one of his songs, whether ones from the1940’s, the Rat Pack or beyond.” His music is fun, romantic and unforgettable. Tunes like Strangers in the Night; Fly Me to the Moon; Chicago; New York, New York; My Way and more were a delight to hear. They took my breath away and brought back memories from long ago that related to a different part of my life—a young, dating adult.  Once again my life flashed before me bringing both smiles and tears along with these memories.


Next came a night at the Battle of the Bands where local teens showcased their talents and age appropriate energy.  The five finalist groups took to the stage like real pros. They drummed, strummed and sang. They hopped, bopped, jumped and twirled to popular cover tunes and their own compositions.  I watched with interest and appreciation for their efforts, applauded with supportive vigor and experienced a night with the musicians of the future. This time my marriage and family were the focus because my oldest son participated in this same event so many years ago.  My life flashed before me bringing both smiles and tears along with special memories from this time in my life.

Okay, so what’s a body to think? Not much...flashes of memories came and went and I’m still here. Guess I shouldn’t think too hard, just enjoy the music and the memories, head off to Heaven Fest…a Christian music concert and Annie Get Your Gun show at the Dinner Theater, and hope for the best…music, memories and being here to post again next month.


Singing & Dancing in the Rain

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Monsoons have descended upon Colorado.

Days are wet.

Spirits dampened.

Take a moment and watch these videos.

They’re guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of young and old.

1. Original rendition of Singing in the Rain by Gene Kelly:

2. New rendition of Singing in the Rain by Usher:

3. Side by side – different dance styles but both fantastic:

You gotta love it all!


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Sunday Cheryl and I went to Denver to attend a concert.† It was more invigorating than sitting still and listening.† It was more vivid than mere images forming in the mind as the music flows.†† This concert was ... a whole-body, mind and soul experience.† And since Sunday I've been toe-tappin' and humming, turning over and over the attitude and message imbued in the unreal rock music Young@Heart delivered.

11/15/09 Program - Young@Heart in Denver

11/15/09 Program - Young@Heart in Denver

The chorus is aptly named, and their mere presence on stage drives that home.† Although the singers range in age from 73 to 89, they are wholly committed to their performances.† They don't let physical aches and pains stop them.† Some chorus members had trouble with the altitude; they hail from Northampton, Massachusetts and Denver is ... well, a mile high.† Others have crippling arthritis, but they keep up with rehearsals twice a week and a rigorous travel schedule.† They've been to Europe a dozen times, and Japan is next.

Backstage after the show they greeted groupies and visited amicably with fans.† Just think about how any guest who lives at sea level struggles when visiting here.† Out of breath, thirsty, a bit lethargic.† After these octogenarians used full lung power singing a two hour concert, they graciously played host and hostess!

Redefines what aging means to me. I haven't stopped thinking about it.† And I am glad I met them now, in my 50's, so I can make the choice to elder in a better healthier way.† Always said I'd go screamin' and kickin' rather than graciously accepting the inexorable march of time.† But after experiencing Young@Heart, maybe I'll rock on into aging with some attitude and a bit of my own moxie.

Their concert made a groupie out of me!† I saw what I want for myself Sunday ...†† an engaged, active life for as long as there's air in my lungs.

Check out their music video "Road to Nowhere" here ... and don't expect Lawrence Welk!† This rendition of Stayin' Alive is such great fun.† See how the lyrics pop out more than when Travolta did it!
Since Young@Heart tours all over the country, check out their schedule often to see if they'd added a concert near you!