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Going up that stairway ...

Monday, October 24th, 2011

I've always liked the Led Zeppelin logo, the font some combination of Kashmir, Desdemona and/or Dyer or whatever. I like it because it is easy to read yet still interesting. But most of all, it brings to mind the drum beat, the music, the sounds behind my growing up.

There is an image their lyrics conjured up for me ages ago. Once I even calligraphied the lyrics for a client. The double mat framing included the stair-step sawtooth on one side. In my head the song elicits upward spiraling staircases, climbing on the melody as it rises. A bit of Escher's Relativity and a bit of the Grand Staircase in Harry Potter mixed in.

When "Get The Led Out" visited the renewed Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, they said they did not want to be Zeppelin imitators, but rather remain true to the music as written. Robert Plant's vocals are sung by Paul Sinclair. Without apology Sinclair told us  they don't do all the famous Led Zeppelin songs at every concert - they mix it up purposely to showcase the music and its evolution.

Yeah. Right.

But ... as we knew it would ... their encore delivered.

And I climbed that stairway to heaven once again.

Oh yeah.

Go ahead. Give it a listen yourself.


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Sunday Cheryl and I went to Denver to attend a concert.† It was more invigorating than sitting still and listening.† It was more vivid than mere images forming in the mind as the music flows.†† This concert was ... a whole-body, mind and soul experience.† And since Sunday I've been toe-tappin' and humming, turning over and over the attitude and message imbued in the unreal rock music Young@Heart delivered.

11/15/09 Program - Young@Heart in Denver

11/15/09 Program - Young@Heart in Denver

The chorus is aptly named, and their mere presence on stage drives that home.† Although the singers range in age from 73 to 89, they are wholly committed to their performances.† They don't let physical aches and pains stop them.† Some chorus members had trouble with the altitude; they hail from Northampton, Massachusetts and Denver is ... well, a mile high.† Others have crippling arthritis, but they keep up with rehearsals twice a week and a rigorous travel schedule.† They've been to Europe a dozen times, and Japan is next.

Backstage after the show they greeted groupies and visited amicably with fans.† Just think about how any guest who lives at sea level struggles when visiting here.† Out of breath, thirsty, a bit lethargic.† After these octogenarians used full lung power singing a two hour concert, they graciously played host and hostess!

Redefines what aging means to me. I haven't stopped thinking about it.† And I am glad I met them now, in my 50's, so I can make the choice to elder in a better healthier way.† Always said I'd go screamin' and kickin' rather than graciously accepting the inexorable march of time.† But after experiencing Young@Heart, maybe I'll rock on into aging with some attitude and a bit of my own moxie.

Their concert made a groupie out of me!† I saw what I want for myself Sunday ...†† an engaged, active life for as long as there's air in my lungs.

Check out their music video "Road to Nowhere" here ... and don't expect Lawrence Welk!† This rendition of Stayin' Alive is such great fun.† See how the lyrics pop out more than when Travolta did it!
Since Young@Heart tours all over the country, check out their schedule often to see if they'd added a concert near you!