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Decade Birthdays

Friday, March 18th, 2011

My brother Dennis will turn 60 in a few days. The family gathered in Black Hawk for a joyous celebration. Brother Bill and his wife Earlene graciously took me up and helped me get around as it was my first trip there in over fifteen years ñ and things have changed!

We went on Wednesday and had our own time with the Birthday Boy and his wife Claudia that day and, again, Thursday morning before others began arriving. Brothers Ralph, with wife Cheryl, and Roy, with wife Sue, arrived yesterday. Sister Linda was unable to join us due to health problems.

About 1:00 this afternoon (Friday) we all gathered in a room at the Ameristar Hotel. We lit candles on a large cake ñ 6 candles, each representing 10 years ñ and sang Happy Birthday. We basked in our time together and admired the glorious scene of snow on the evergreen trees from our vantage point on the 23rd floor. We brothers and sisters donít always agree with each other 100% (no political discussions by mutual agreement), but we do always love and respect each other.

Now in the quiet of my own home, I am reflecting on the tradition of noting decade birthdays in special ways. I remember aiming to get my doctorate for my 40th birthday. I missed that goal by a few months ñ receiving the Degree in December instead of May of that year, but I was still 40! My sister Linda threw a surprise party for my 50th birthday. We had a great brunch in the Sheraton Hotel in Lakewood with family and close friends. I was awake to greet my 60th birthday at 12:01 a.m., but exhausted, sitting in an airport in Lima, Peru, waiting to return from an inspirational two-week trip featuring Caroline Myss. The family honored that birthday a few weeks later with everyone giving me packages containing 60 of something ñ paperclips, note pads, marbles, stuffed mice, pennies, etc. When I turned 70 last May, Bill, Earlene, and Linda hosted a fabulous party for friends and family. I am truly blessed.

Yes! Letís celebrate life! Letís celebrate each decade and continue to anticipate even greater events and joys as we move into the challenging and unchartered territory of a new age.

Steps on the Journey

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Earlier this month one of our Under The Cuckoo Clock members - Cindy Strandvold - shared a paragraph that was part of a year-end message she received from her agent's agency:

"While it's exciting to see the year's successes listed this way, there are so many more things we are proud of that cannot be quantified--most notably, the countless times that all of our clients, published and unpublished, have pushed through self-doubt, gotten past rejection, continued to focus on growing in their craft, started new projects, brought others to completion, finished revisions, taken note of their own successes (in all forms), and held on to hope.† Each step on the path is worth celebrating, not just those that come with publishing contracts or starred reviews."

For weeks now I have not stopped thinking about the concept.
It was "each step on the path is worth celebrating" that touches a chord in me. I am endlessly trying to improve myself, to mindfully steer my course and reach long term and short term goals. My list is long!

Often I get so caught up in achieving a particular goal, I forget to be glad - in the moment - for what is happening right now.

Celebrate each step

*† Like celebrating when I sell a story to a local publisher.
*† Like celebrating when the subject of an article I write brings me flowers.
(Thanks, Heather Janssen!)
* Like celebrating when I write a blog entry here and post it on time.† 🙂

Each step is part of the journey, and thus, a big deal indeed. Thanks to the writers who sit Under The Cuckoo Clock for bringing chocolate (!) to give us pause, to notice, and transform each step into a noteworthy celebration - sweet in every way.

Post Halloween

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Yesterday I awoke and realized I was not ready!† I had no candy!† I wanted to greet our little visitors. You know, oooh and aaah over their costumes, give Trick-or-Treaters compliments on their creativity, make their parents smile with pride.† The usual stuff.

Secondly, I didn't want to temp fate and the eggings that might result.† Our van was egged a couple of years ago - ruined the paint on that door because it was parked on the street and we didn't notice the egg/shell bits baking onto the door that faced west.

Maryjo loves these skeleton earrings!

Maryjo loves these skeleton earrings!

So I hustled off to the store so I'd be home with Treats by noon.† With such nice weather after all the snow and cold earlier this week, I was certain the treat-seeking ghouls and gobblins would be out in the afternoon, taking advantage of sun and dry sidewalks.† So I decked out our entryway with purple bat lights and set a festive Halloween bowl filled with candy atop a tall stool by the door.† I made sure to dress all in black, wearing my fun Candy Corn necklace and jointed skeleton earrings.

And I waited.† And waited.† Finally, at 7:30pm the doorbell rang!† Four costumed youngsters stood at the door, their parents waiting in the driveway.† Pirouetting for me to see their outfits and ducking their heads in to see my bat lights, they politely thanked me for their Treats and left.

That was it!† Not one more "ding-dong" was heard.† No giggles coming up the walk.† No rowdy teens gawfing and teasing.† No opportunity to see how neighbor kids have grown since last year, or meet new neighbors.

Maybe it is just as well - safer for the kids to Trick-or-Treat at shopping malls.† Glad I had a ball when I was a kid, though.

Today I'm going to see Laurie Zukerman's presentation (1:00 pm) at the Loveland Museum/Gallery.† Her memorial art is simply amazing!† My favorite in this exhibit is "Red Scare" and the items she includes in this exhibit are astounding.† The items evoke strong memories for me, and it was fun to see things I had - play ironing board and iron, fringed "Indian" vest, picture books, games, etc.† How she sees potential these items as she collects them, and then arranges them in such organized profusion is simply amazing.† Laurie was scheduled to speak last Thursday, but got snowed out.

I hope the turnout today is good.† This artist deserves the kudo of attendance!† She'll have my presence as a thank you present for the gift she gave our community in this exhibit.† Sure hope she comes back again!