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Today things are buzzing ...

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Today, under the Cuckoo Clock there is a lot of buzz!† We are thrilled to have a forum ... a place to put our ideas "out there" and share.

First of all, THANKS, Fred!† We appreciate this awesome, fabulous, wonderful website.† We respect your expertise and are grateful you have shared it with us.

We look forward to learning how to navigate through what technology† is new to us, sharing with others what tricks and insights we've discovered here, and in general moving our careers forward.

Already we are having vivid discussions about what to post here! We are wildly enthusiastic*† about having our very own forum here.

* just so you know, Mj is the wild one. 🙂

These meetings under the cuckoo clock of ours ...

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Our mission:† Work together to build an unbeatable network of support, and succeed in our writing careers!

Sounds simple.† Meet weekly - same place, same time.† Show up.† Be accountable.† Participate in the writing prompt.† Bring work to be critiqued.† And so we have.† In November we celebrate five years of meeting weekly to hone our writing craft.† I'm Mj and I host Weekly Writers' Workshop.† I started this group because I wanted to surround myself with like-minded writers who are serious about being published.† After five years of listening to my well-traveled German cuckoo clock, we've somehow begun to refer to meetings as taking place around my table "under the cuckoo clock."

That's just in case you were wondering.

One esteemed member of our ranks even mentioned the camaraderie and synergy we share in the intro to her book.† Check out "Wild Ink - How To WRITE FICTION for Young Adults" by Victoria Hanley. One member vividly chronicles her decidedly dramatic life as the parent of a child with a disability who spends way too much time with her great team at Children's Hospital. Another has a strong (87,700+ hits!) blog of her own; don't miss the Midlife Crises Queen!

We're trying out this blog as a forum for our WWW members to test ideas, share thoughts, and keep up our practice of writing.† No more, no less.

As for me, I am thrilled to be living a life deeply enriched by these working writers. Each writer has unique skills, personality, and insight. † When each of these amazing Word Wenches is added to the mix that is "Weekly Writers' Workshop," the sum of the parts totally, far and away, exceeds the whole.

I'm no math wiz, but I know magic when I experience it.† And this is MAGIC!